Organic Co. for import, export, trade agencies & supplies was founded in Cairo, Company's field of business is exporting and importing high-quality agricultural products. Our aim is to introduce Egyptian agricultural products to most markets of the Middle East and Europe through dealing with the best international shipping companies. Beside trade agency and supply services, meeting customer’s needs.


To be a base on which a network for distributing Egyptian products is built and contribute to building a strong export-oriented economy


Based on our ambitious vision and attempt to develop and adopt exporting as a basis for the national economy, our company adhere to the highest quality standards in terms of production, storage and shipping. We also keen on making our products the preferred choice in the target markets.


  • Our credibility is earned by our commitment to serve our customers according to the highest standards and quality assurance as our trademark.
  • Building a mutual trust relationship with customers in order to ensure optimal communication with them and full understanding of their requirements.
  • Maintaining the reputation of Egyptian products as a contribution to the development of the national economy.
  • Expand the scope of our activities and diversification, supporting the stability of our business.
  • Investing in human resources through the utilization of local competencies.


We believe that the principles and theories of success in business and prosperity are closely related to the concept of continuous diligence and innovation. Our company contributes to this by utilizing local talents and expertise to provide high-quality services, meeting the requirements of customers by:

  1. Develop export and supply mechanisms and flexibility in transactions.
  2. Target promising markets.
  3. Pick up natural products that maintain consumers’ good health.
  4. Contribute to the development of the local economic sector.


Organic Co. offers services of importing and exporting vegetables, fruits and all kinds of fresh and frozen agricultural products. In addition to offering trade agencies for various producers and services of supplying institutions and organization with food products.

In our company, we keep the list of services unlimited, looking forward to a better future and addressing the challenges posed by our vision for the future.